Sanjeev Arora
Plenary talk at International Congress of Mathematicians 2018

"The Mathematics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning."

Presentation slides. Click here 

Accompanying expository article that appeared in the ICM proceedings.

Video on youtube.

Important Link I forgot to include in my slide: IAS Special Year in Theoretical Machine Learning, Optimization and Statistics that I am running in 2019-20.  About 20 positions open for visiting faculty and postdocs; please apply by Dec 1 2018.


The blog where I write expository articles about my machine learning interests.

Webpage with many links to relevant articles to my related ICML2018 tutorial (geared toward a machine learning audience).
Video of ICML 2018 Tutorial: Toward Theoretical Understanding of Deep Learning.

I will put more links to more expository articles soon.

Thanks to Assaf Naor for sending me this pic